Friday, April 14, 2006

To whom it may concern

Today is a first for me - I've written an angry letter to a television network, in this case Comedy Central for their recent censorship of "South Park." Here is an excerpt from what I wrote, which pretty much sums up my view:

"What makes the Church of Scientology and Islam so special that your network thinks it needs to protect these two religions? One of the great things about the show "South Park" is that it makes fun of everyone - nobody is off limits, which was one of my favorite things about that show...until now. So now you'll piss on any religion except for Scientology and Islam. Quit censoring South Park just to appease a handful of religious nut-jobs, and let Trey and Matt do what they do best which is make us laugh with their irreverant humor."

Sunday, March 12, 2006

When in Rome...

Or Frankfurt or Amsterdam. That's right, I'm in the middle of my trip to Europe. The plan is to arrive in Frankfurt, where my friend lives. From Frankfurt, take a train to Amsterdam and stay there two nights. Go back to Frankfurt to stay one night then take a flight to Rome where we'll stay two nights. We'll stay one last night in Frankfurt before heading back to the great city of Dallas.

I am currently at an internet cafe in Amsterdam where we have one more night to stay. I've decided to keep some sort of journal of my trip just for the purpose of documentation, and what better place than right here. So here's what I've got up until this point.

We departed Dallas Thursday evening to catch a connecting flight from Chicago to Frankfurt. There was a little drama because of a flight delay that almost caused us to miss our connecting flight to Frankfurt (the next flight was 24 hours later!!), however we made it.

We arrived in Frankfurt where we took a taxi to my friend's apartment. I nearly soiled myself during the cab ride because, in case you haven't heard, the Germans drive pretty freaking fast on the highway. We arrived at my friend's place around noon Frankfurt time. We ate lunch at this local place where we had pizza. I then took a nap at my friend's apartment while he finished up some things at the office.

That night we went and ate at this other local place (when I say "local" I just mean it's not touristy and you need someone who speaks German to get you around). I ate something called "Jaegerspitzel" (sp?) which was absolutely amazing. At dinner everyone around us was friendly and eager to strike up a conversation with us (maybe they just liked practicing their English).

We hit a few pubs, sampling the various German beers (bier), and we ended up at this Irish pub called O'Reillys. This place was so much fun for several reasons. First of all, they have a karaoke stage. Naturally I had to grace the fine people of Germany with my singing talents (I sang Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," which was a huge hit that night). Secondly, everybody there was very positive, friendly, and wanted to have a good time. Thirdly, there was a very international mix there. We met people from Germany (obviously), England, Spain, and Israel.

My favorite was this group from Ireland. After talking with them for a bit, we told them, "wait a minute. You guys travel from Ireland to Frankfurt for vacation, and you come to an Irish Pub." Also I got to do an Irish dance with one of them because apparently she's been doing that since she was a little girl. I sucked compared to her, but it was still really cool.

The next day we took a 4 hour train to Amsterdam. The train we took is similar to the one at the end of "Mission Impossible." Man could this thing haul. So we arrived in Amsterdam around 5 PM and got checked into our hotel when it started snowing. We found this pretty good Dim Sum restaurant, then we went bar hopping from there.

There are a lot more tourists in Amsterdam than there were in Frankfurt for obvious reasons. The majority of the tourists here are from the way, British people crack me up when they're drunk. I don't know why that is, but they just do. God bless them. I must say, it is nice walking around Amsterdam and hearing the various languages being spoken by all the tourists.

I guess this pretty much brings me up to right now. There's definitely more to come - we still have one more night in Amsterdam, then we have Frankfurt and Rome. But here are some general observations I've made:

-British people are loud when they drink, but funny loud as opposed to annoying loud (you know the difference, right?
-Everybody in Amsterdam speaks English
-The Dutch are not very friendly to the Germans - similar to French's attitude towards Americans.
-Beer comes in much larger portions over here.
-Everyone we've met has been very friendly towards us. I notice the American media paints this picture that the Europeans hate us, which could not be further from the truth. What I gather so far, is that they do not like the American President because of the war. However when it comes to the American tourist visiting their country, they are very open and friendly.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Dirty World of Sports

So I'm watching college basketball this past Sunday and within the span of thirty seconds I hear the following sentences uttered by the announcers:
"He has been penetrating all afternoon."
"He is so strong when he takes it to the hole."

Upon hearing this, I decided to compile a list of sports terms that can be construed as dirty. My focus is on the four major sports in the United States (sorry, Jethro, nascar is not a sport). I saved baseball for last because it has the most.

1. penetration
2. bump-and-run
3. spotting the ball
4. stiff arm

1. high sticking
2. back check
3. butt-ending
4. double minor
5. poke check
6. slap shot
7. stick handling
8. "three-on-one"

1. penetrate
2. ball handling
3. double team
4. established position
5. loose ball
6. swing man
7. floor violation
8. take it to the hole
9. facial

1. around the horn
2. backdoor slider
3. backstop
4. base on balls
5. breaking ball
6. bunt
7. caught looking (been there)
8. choke-up
9. doubleheader
10. force out
11. foul territory
12. gap
13. hit and run
14. knuckle ball (gross)
15. on deck
16. pinch runner
17. scoring position (I wish)
18. switch-hitter (I wish I knew how to quit you)
19. triple play
20. double play

Friday, February 17, 2006

Mmm...That Was a Tasty Burger

Alright, I have been on this burger kick lately and have recently decided on my top five burgers in Dallas.

5. Woody's Grill- Mushroom Swiss Burger
4. Chip's - Mushroom Swiss Burger
3. Bone Daddy's - BBQ Cheeseburger
2. Press Box Grill - Buffalo Burger (w/ Blue Cheese)
1. Dakota's - Dakota Burger (w/ Blue Cheese)

Honorable mention goes to the cheeseburger at Hooters and the mushroom swiss at Chili's.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Case of the Rants...

Pakistani Cartoon Protests Largest Yet

To sum it up, as a result of the infamous Danish cartoon, more than 70,000 Islamic protesters in Pakistan go nuts and torch movie theaters, a KFC restaurant, and a Korean-run bus station.

This has been bothering me for a long time now. So a foreign newspaper editor pissed all over your religion - get over it. When it comes down to choosing between a free press and appeasing a bunch of religious nut-jobs, I choose a free press every time. These people are being ridiculous. Go Danish.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Blogging Bandwagon

Alright, I'm out there. I'm on the internet. Now what?